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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Post number 22 Jill on The Plinth

What a couple of days! We departed Preston station on the 4:00 am train for Manchester Airport. It was supposed to leave from platform 3 but turned up on 2 causing a panic dash to change platforms. Railworks forced a stop at Bolton and onward journey by coach to Manchester Airport.

On arrival at Heathrow the suitcase containing everything for the plinth did not arrive. Very unhelpful BMI staff gave us no confidence in believing it would be couriered to our hotel after arriving on the 2:00pm flight.

After several phone calls to the lost baggage department at BMI and only a vague promise that the suitcase would arrive "some time after 6:00pm" one of the hotel managers (Hashim) took it upon himself to ring BMI which resulted in the case eventually arriving at 6:45pm - what a contrast between the BMI service and the Raddison Hotel Leicester Square.

Jill's mission on The Plinth was to obtain messages of encouragement and aspiration for her pupils at Collegiate High School, Blackpool (we would be very grateful to anybody reading this for more contributions by email to: ). The method was to use a fishing rod with postcards attached to be lowered to the crowd below, filled in, and reattached to the fishing line to be retrieved by Jill and then read out. Jill was wearing her school gown and promoted herself as the archetypal teacher, Miss Robinson. I was down in the crowd with more blank cards and pens, hustling people to participate and wearing a t shirt proclaiming me as "Miss Robinson's dad".

The response was fantastic and there was continuous interaction with the crowd for the whole hour in contrast with many of the plinthers we have seen so far. We got around seventy replies of words of wisdom and a number of email replies, some from across the world, on the official plinth website:

If anybody wants to watch the official one hour stream of Jill's plinth epic got to:

1 comment:

Roderick Robinson said...

I have no damn luck with that plinth. Sent two emails to the site and neither appeared. Now the site is under repair. Normally it's the onlooker that sees more of the game - in this case it seems to be the participant. Anyway, congrats on your energetic contribution.