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Thursday, 8 October 2009

36 Whitbarrow walk - new discoveries

Yesterday I had a decent walk for the first time in two months.

The venue was Whitbarrow, a craggy limestone plateau fifteen minutes drive from home. This has been a favourite destination for over twenty years; I often drove from Preston to run this six-mile circuit. Yesterday a shorter five-mile route took a leisurely two and three quarter hours.

My companions were my modest digital camera, and Jill’s dog Jake.

I had some idea of taking pictures to capture the nature of this special environment because previously as a runner I enjoyed the exhilaration of moving quickly through the terrain, although I emphasise this does not preclude appreciation of the surroundings. Today I dawdled looking for photographic opportunities. Consequently I found a delightful new path leading from the summit back down through the woods. At the cluster of cottages called Beckside a “café” had appeared in an old barn where tea making equipment was laid out and a couple of fridges housed various drinks and cream cakes. A notice invites self service (and self washing up) and payment to be posted at a nearby cottage. A visiting-book revealed more glowing comments than I would have thought possible in consideration of the few people usually met on this round.

Leaving Beckside I discovered another attractive new path leading back nearly to my starting point cutting out a section of tarmac lane which although virtually traffic free is a nuisance with a dog.

This quality walk is now improved with the discovery of two new footpaths and a café. I can’t remember getting so much pleasure from a modest local walk for a long time.

I have given up trying to position these photos as a bad job.

The pic of the castle like building in the trees is the special school where Jill will be teaching from next January.


Roderick Robinson said...

Glad to read about a real walk as opposed to the virtual perambulations that have latterly been forced upon you. And a pleasing evocative name - Whitbarrow. The cafe deserved a post all on its own; in fact it deserves a follow-up if you take that route again, including a chat with the people who run it. Or is this too journalistic? No photos of the cafe! Artefacts are just as worthwhile as artily shot views of nature. Or at least to me. Hope the legs held up. Booking of the SJdlB villa confirmed today so start planning Operation Barbarossa in earnest, now.

Sir Hugh said...

BB: Yes, yes, I know. I couldn’t believe I’d not taken a photo when I started putting the post together.

I am even more mortified that you considered your comment justified a rare exclamation mark!