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Sunday, 18 October 2009

40 My life and cameras (contd from Post 39)

Following the waterfall adventure I went to Fort William and was only able to replace the superior Cannon A590 IS with a Cannon Powershot A580. The replacement had no image stabiliser, which has niggled me ever since.

Last Sunday I was taking pictures locally when the camera demanded new batteries. Cannon Powershots use AA batteries which means that if spare batteries are carried recharging problems are overcome and I have found I can take over 500 photos at highest quality on one set, albeit using the more expensive lithium batteries.

I replaced the batteries, but not with lithium and the camera still demanded new batteries. I tried two other sets without success. I assumed the camera was faulty then discovered the guarantee was out by about a week. I searched the internet and identified the Cannon Powershot A 1100 IS which is an update of the previous two models having 12 instead of 8 mega pixels and including the image stabiliser together with a redesigned slim line body, and other additional features. I decided to buy.

On Monday I rang the original supplier in Fort William and was told the camera really needs lithium or high performance alkaline AA batteries. I tried with lithium and found it worked perfectly. I am sure that had I persisted I would have found this out before buying another camera, but I think the subconscious was at work knowing I had never been satisfied with accepting the inferior specification of the A 580.

It is interesting to note that the A580 cost £130 a year ago and the new, superior A 1100 cost £127.

I have advertised the A 580 for £50.


Roderick Robinson said...

I acknowledge your concern with camera batteries since I share it. But a larger obstacle has raised its head. Composing pictures via the pitiful LED screen is so hit-and-miss; even the simple matter of checking the camera's verticality is made more difficult. I decided my next digicam must have a conventional (as opposed to SLR) viewfinder but this jacks the prices up considerably. More evidence of the conspiracy by which manufacturers make money through familiarity with my own needs.

Sir Hugh said...

BB - I omitted to mention that the Cannon Powershot range of cameras does have a normal viewfinder as well as the advantage of two AA batteries rather than the rechargeable kind. As far as I know these are the only compact digital cameras incorporating both these features on the market at the moment, and I do not think that the viewfinder has added to the cost which is only around the £130 mark. There is a slight disadvantage in that the resulting photo always takes in a slightly larger area than that seen through the viewfinder, but I find I can make allowance for this, and it is easy enough to do a bit of modest cropping afterwards with modern photo software.