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Thursday, 19 November 2009

45 Photoshop painting

Awful weather has driven me to indoor pursuits although I have managed to walk Jake the dog every day locally.

About nine months ago I started painting pictures in Photoshop Elements 3. I was given a Wacom pen tablet as a present and this revolutionised things. My interest was rekindled by a post on my brother’s blog, and now I am off again.

Regular readers may notice that I have redesigned my blog header using three photos, a mask layer and a text layer. I am currently working on a landscape picture that may or may not appear here later.

Painting is quite different from manipulating photos and it can be very much like the real thing layering colours to obtain tonal and texture effects along with most other techniques involved in painting. The overwhelming thing about this activity is the rapid passage of huge hunks of time.

Here are some of my previous efforts.


Roderick Robinson said...

Two points: Even putting quotation marks round acquired will not discourage the dreaded copyright bailiff. I suggest you modify this statement.

If you feel like it, I would be grateful (as would others, I suspect) if you were able to differentiate between Elements 3 and CS3.

The Crow said...

I like the new header on your blog, including the floating boots.

I'm impressed with the art you rendered with your Photoshop program. Looking forward to your landscape.


Sir Hugh said...

BB - thanks for the advice. The ammendment has been made.

As for the difference between Elements 3 and CS3 I will comment more on this later, although I hardly feel qualified to do so.

The Crow - thanks for your comment. The floating boots have given rise to a number of "witty" comments and I am glad that you just liked them.

The landscape is progressing slowly and I'm not sure if my heart is in this one. I use my own photos as the basis, and unless one has a particular feeling for the subject the motivation is erroded, and now I have found another photo to work from which is a stronger temptation, and I am not sure whether to scrap the landscape one and start again.