Saturday, 20 March 2010

63 - iPhone test

This my first attempt to make post from the new iPhone.


Gayle said...

Another iPhone?

Did you get the signal booster for the house, or decide that you could do without a good signal when at home?

Sir Hugh said...

I got the Sure Signal and it works fine. I have been Geocaching today with the iphone app which is excellent, but battery life on the iphone is short. I have now ordered a MiLi power pack which should extend the life by three times or so.

I intend to do the Dales High Way and may be able to arrange to meet you when you arrive at Ilkley if you are still on your schedule. I will try to contact you later about this.

Do you mind telling me what your Geocaching nick-name is? I am using Sir Hugh and daughter Jill is High Horse.