Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Day 1

A good start the airport wouldn't let me take my gas stove (there were no cylinders, just the Pocket Rocket).Then therre was a one and ahalf hour delay on tthe flight. In Carcassone I had to get an eleven pound taxi ride out of town to go and buy a new gas stove so I didn't get walking on the Canal du Midi out of C until 4.15.i I was told some people on a big barge would do chambbre d'hôte but theft didn't, they were Dutch and just renting the boat, but as always they are great people and they gave me a lift in their car to this village which is about three miles off my route which I will have to walk back on tomorrow.

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High Horse said...

What have you done with the first stove???

Sir Hugh said...

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