Tuesday, 19 October 2010

From Banchory 2

Yesterday (Sunday) I climbed a minor hill south of Banchory - Kerloch (534m).There had been a frost overnight and it was bitterly cold and windy when I started walking at 9:50. I had good views from the top looking across to Clachnaben and the route I had done the day before.

Today (Monday) I did Morvern (871m) north of Ballater. This is not far off Munro height and it is a Corbett which has now set my mind going about the Corbett list. I was given the SMC Corbett Guide last Christmas. I know I am never going to do them all but it would be a good focus for continued Scottish hill climbing- I'll have to look at the list and see how many I have done already!

I attempted to take a photo with the Phone on the summit; it was violently windy and I could see nothing in the screen viewfinder to take the pic. I hate these screen viewfinders. My Cannon Shureshot has the old-fashioned one as well which is much better. On getting back to the car I found that the iPhone had been switched to video and I had captured thirty interesting seconds of my legs and feet with trouser legs being ripped in the wind like Bhuddist prayers flags.
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