Saturday, 18 December 2010

Photoshop painting - Land Rover

A new picture is underway. This is the embryo stage. I trace the outline from a photo through a semitransparent layer and then return that layer to light grey opaque. The sketch remains visible. Painting proceeds and the photo is only used as a visual reference thereafter (I have a full screen version alongside on my laptop screen). The initial outline is only used for rough orientation and becomes obliterated in the painting process. I have started some painting on the roof.
My photos folder on the computer contains a file called “relics”. On my travels I snap anything that qualifies for that description. The new painting shows an abandoned Land Rover in a farmyard seen on a walk not far from my home.


Barrett Bonden said...

Ah, the beginning of new edition of Conradwalks for the partially sighted.

Sir Hugh said...

On previous paintings I have used a white background. The grey is a new experiment, and I gather, like you it is not a total success, but now I am launched with it I will proceed.