Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Kinghorn (Pettycurr Bay) to Lower Largo

The restaurant last night was elevated a couple of hundred feet above the bay. I had panoramic views of kite surfers who are obviously total fanatics - they went on until it was nearly dark. 
Rain persisted until about 1.0pm today. I left the site at 7.20 am. Nobody had been to collect any money. Breakfast was taken in a cafe in Kinghorn - rwo Scotch pies and a rhubarb tart and a mug of tea.A lot of the walking has been through towns, run down areas with boarded up shops, and industrial wasteland, but interspeesed with some pretty scenery,  but it is all of interest. It seems odd how many new houses are being built at sea level.
It is now 3.15 and i am on an immaculate little family site and the sun is atruggling through. I have been told there is a pub half a mile away where i can eat. Weather and scenery seem to be improving, and i am settling into the old routine again.

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afootinthehills said...

It will get better too!

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot- I think my last post (after this one) will make you feel happier. I am writing this in The Golf Hotel in Crail where I have just eaten, and then discovered they have free Internet connection which has enabled me to make my post and send this replty. There is no Vodafone signal in the town, but the friendly Scots at this hotel have obliged with tbis free service.