Friday, 22 April 2011

Welsh Walk Day 1- Fishguard to Newport

Wednesday 20th April. All trains were on time and I left Fishguard station at 1:25 with cloudless blue sky and hot sunshine. Enjoyable cliff walking soon started all a bit reminiscent of Cornwall but not as tough. I had targeted Newport which was a bit ambitious and I didn't arrive until 6:45 to camp on a pleasant private site near the harbour (parrog). I have now walked up into the town (about 10 mins) where I am about to experience Welsh cawl in the Royal Oak, and I am drinking paint of Red Dragon. I will report on the cawl later- I'm not sure exactly what it is at this stage. I have been told that the next section of this Coastal path is really tough so I intend to set a modest target for tomorrow.

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Barrett Bonden said...

Drinking paint! What strange customs they have in Welsh Wales. We scootered to Fishguard during our honeymoon, early October. All memory gone. Much more memorable on the other side of the UK. BB: Which way to Woodbastwick? Local: Woodbars-ick? Ooh damnee! Hard from here.