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Friday, 22 April 2011

Welsh Walk - St Dogmaels to Aberporth

Thursday 22nd April - day 3
I promised to report on Cawl. It is a hearty meat and vegetable broth served with a hunk of cheese on the side. Mine was good but the rest of the meal not noteworthy.
The Webley Hotel last night was good. I had some excellent scallops as a starter, but I certainly can't afford this every night. 
It was a bit of a trudge through Cardigan then more peerless cliff walking, although uncomfortably hot. Strange how ignorant many people are about their own locale when you ask the way. I have discovered that a lot more Coastal Path has been opened up so I have been able to ignore my more tortuous, slightly inland route. I am now camped about 2km east of Aberporth waiting for the sun to decline a bit before I cook a meal.
Vodafone coverage has been poor and it has yawn me into the third day to get a couple o posts up-it is ala very time consuming leaving little room for revision etc.

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