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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Replies to comments

Gimmer - yes I saw the multitudinous govt. offices.
Thanks for the history lesson, I'll watch out for other examples of the genre you refer to, but I must say the Welsh have been particulary warm, friendly and generous - he was an exception; perhaps he was born in Yorkshire where rudeness is an art.
John Proud - thanks for the words of encouragement, but do I detect a hint of medical caution about my eating? You will be pleased to hear I have lost a stone in weight, and I have had to buy a new, shorter belt to support my trousers.
BB - So, you think I'm some sort of beast?
Negsy and Negsy - thank you for your kind words. I enjoyed our meeting. I would be pleased to meet you in Pembrokeshire providing my aged frame holds together and that logistics will allow. Follow the blog, and if it looks possible communicate with me by email, and I will let you have my mobile number so that we can communicate more effectively.

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John Proud said...

If you've lost a stone on all those treats put me down for your next trip!
If you are having so much fun and feeling fit what am I doing sat here?