Monday, 23 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Pandy to Skenfrith

Monday 23rd May - day 34
I ate well at The Old Pandy Inn last night, I won' t bore you with all the details but it did include a huge Yorkshire pudding.
I thought I might have a further chat with mine host but he did not reappear. I would have liked to have asked him various questions about the locality. In particular I wonder what that ridge would be like in winter; I reckon it would make a stunning walk on the right day.
When I asked about breakfast they didn't serve until 8:30 so I opted for a tray which was delivered to the bunkhouse for me, and I was able to gave a reasonable breakfast. The bunkhouse is integral with the pub and well appointed. The Old Pandy Inn has a good atmosphere and obviously caters well for walkers- it remind ne a little of The Crask Inn in Scotland, but of course that is a seriously special place.
Today was a short walk if about ten miles with the ib ejective being The Bell at Skenfrith where I woul meet my brother and sister in law for a night of comfort at their home in Hereford.
As I approached the pub, which is a bit of an upmarket fastro type place, I was caught in a bit I'd driving drizzle, and so presented myself looking a bit damp on top of my general hobo appearance. When I asked if I could gave a sandwich and tea I thought the girl said "would you like to go through to The Stable pointing vaguely to an offshoot of the dining room. I was amused to think that I had immediately been assessed as only vein suitable for the stable. I raised thus with the girl later, and of course she had said "table" not "stable".
I was duly picked up by Rod and Veronica and after a brief stop at their 24 hr. Tesco it was back to their house and a much needed bath. I also had the luxury of having all my clothing washed and dried. We dined well with a good Burgundy and afterwards a Lebanese full bodied red, heavy and lucious, which was a new experience for me which I will be looking to repeat when I get back.
Thanks to R and V for a great stopover. I was also saved from marching through an afternoon of quite heavy rain.
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