Sunday, 15 May 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - replies to comments

Gimmer- thanks for your info on the climber. I agree with you, there seems to be something that doesn't stack up. I intend to do some research when I get home.
I think you will see the answer to your border question in my last post. I don't think I can apply the same summary of motivations in that post to the scrubbing of lavatory floors.
Afoot- glad to hear you are keeping up with my jaunt.

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gimmer said...

I have looked up the name - Dickie Morsely does/did exist and was one of the founders of the North Wales Mountaineering Club - but I cannot find any reference to his being involved in the first ascent of the Suicide Wall on Idwal Slabs - in the late '40s - or on the one at Cratcliffe (gritstone) - but all that means is he didn't lead it - it had a long history before finally being climbed so it's entirely possible he was a toiler in that vineyard.

If you want or need any more foot or boot repairs, let me know - you are getting closer (relatively speaking) to us now and a trip out could be fun!