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Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk- Bagnal to Three Cliffs Bay (Gower)

Wednesday 1st May - day 43
I was able to breakfast at the Premier Inn at 7:30.
Today's walk as far as Mumbles at the tip of the Gower was wholly on cycle tracks alongside mostly busy dual carriageway, and all flat. The ankle was still painful. At Mumbles the TIO were able to book me place on the Three Cliffs Bay site and it was then 11:15 with another eight or nine miles to do. Al
Almost miraculously the ankle pain subsided and I was able to march well and arrive at 5:30, but it was more thane twenty miles and I am tired despite being reasonably fit. The Gower scenery has presented great seascapes, but so far not as good as Pembrokeshire in my opinion.
I have often wondered about the carelessness of our forebears when archaeologists are always finding coins. So far on this trip I have picked up one pound coin, a fifty pence piece and a twenty pence piece. I'm not sure what that says about the present day.

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