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Sunday, 12 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Bicton to Maloes

Sunday 12th June - day 54

A good breakfast and lots of interesting conversation with Georgina and John this morning made me reluctant to leave, and I reckon this has been the most welcoming and comfortable stay on the trip to date. Departure anxiety was heightened by the pouring rain.

I marched hard and with the tide favourable was able to use the stepping stones (not shown on the map) to cross to Dale. The long thrash round St Ann's Head followed then back up the western side of the peninsula. All this was in driving rain and fierce wind. Apart from one stop, of which more shortly, I walked at a hard pace non stop for six and a half hours in vile conditions to arrive at another Mrs Llewellyn's at Albion House in Maloes , where Georgina had made a reservation for me.

That was one tough walk. Although the adverse conditions were unpleasant there was satisfaction in finishing with all the kit in my rucksack dry, and my clothing underneath the waterproofs nearly so, arising from experience and acquisition of good kit over the years. The sights of crashing waves and white foam viewed from on high, and excitingly exposed positions on the cliff tops added to the day's drama.

Back near Oswestry I had met a chap called Martin Clare and chatted about backpacking, and today along the western St Ann's Head peninsula I came across him again sheltering under an umbrella and munching chocolate. He was embarked on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path, and on his way to the Maloes YHA hostel. It was only when I told him what I was doing that he recognised me from our previous encounter, so that was my only five minute stop in six and a half hours of walking.

I took no photos today. I wonder why?

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John Proud said...

Best of luck with the rest of your walk. I'm off to France for a week so you will have finished by then?
Be in touch on return.