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Friday, 10 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Jameston to Bosherston

Thursday 9 June - day 51

The village shop, an independent opened at 6:30am; I was there about 7:00am. I had a sandwich and coffee breakfast, and the proprietor let me sit in his storeroom whilst I chatted to him about his disdain for the groups like Spa and Happy Shopper. He took this shop over five years ago, and it is now very well stocked with a good variety of provisions. Let's hope Tesco don't move in.

Don't plan a long walking day on the Pembrokeshire Coast Path. You will arrive late at your destination after many stops to look at the views. Today the light and atmosphere were vibrantly sharp with rolling puffy white clouds and bright sunshine. Magic secret bays with golden sand all edged with rocky cliffs with many variations of colours unfurled one after another, and each one taking you by surprise. There was of course a compulsion to photograph all of them causing further lengthening of journey time.

Fortunately this was a shortish day of about 12 miles so I was able to enjoy it to the full. There were many people about after midday and I stopped and talked often. The car park attendant at Broad Haven was involved in a project to restore a Spitfire which had been found in Australia - he had a small white van advertising the project and adorned with evocative Spitfire pictures. If you are interested look at

I have booked in at St Govan's Country Inn. On walking through the door a friendly atmosphere prevailed followed by a willingness to be helpful, and all the facilities so far are at a good standard, and all for £40 including a Continental breakfast which will be left outside my room tonight. I intend to set off early and try to get to Pembroke tomorrow in one hit as there is nowhere else to stay between here and there. It is over twenty miles, so I hope the going us good.

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