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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Newgale to Whitesands Bay

Tuesday 14th June - day 56

Ups and downs for the first two miles then mostly flat cliff top walking in full sunshine.

There have been more people on this section than anywhere else on the trip. I probably encountered someone every ten minutes including a chap I had chatted to in the village last night (no, not the Bernie Ecclestone character). Most of the people are middle class retirees, well dressed, and wearing stout shoes.

I called at the post office in Solva where I was made welcome and chatted for some time.

At Porth Clais there was a kiosk cafe (fruitcake, flapjack and tea).

There is literally drama at the moment in Whitesands Bay. A film company is making a production of either Richard the Second, or the Third. My two sources differed as to which king it is. As I arrived on the cliff top I came across two people, the first being some sort of paparazzi who had found himself what coarse fishermen call "a good hole" well nestled into the long grass with camera and long lens overlooking the scene of the production on the beach. The second was an archetypal security, night club bouncer type who was trying to eject Paparazzi, but with very little verbal skill- they were really going at it as I slid past unnoticed by these two combatants.

The guy in the cafe a bit further on said the production had brought little extra business because the film company are almost self sufficient, and in fact at one stage they had been trying to prevent the public from visiting the bay.

This has been an easy and pleasant day. The campsite here is mediocre - I am on a slope, and there is no paper in the wc. I have just walked down to the car park area and public toilet where things are much better appointed. My neighbours are a German family with a campervan tent combination, and it is their first campsite in England which made me feel embarrassed, and urged me to assure them we gave better sites than this.

It looks like one more night after this and a finish on Thursday.

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