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Saturday, 11 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Pembroke to Bicton (near St Ishmaels)

Saturday 11th June - day 53

Interesting walking today with the petro-chemical import industry slapped onto an area of outstanding beauty, within the huge natural harbour of Milford Haven. I crossed, on strange metal bridges, series of huge pipes running in elegant lines leading from tankers moored at jetties. The pipes lead to huge cylindrical storage tanks. As a failed plumber, having respect for anybody who can make pipes go where they want, there is a symmetry to all this which I appreciate, but others may not.

At Milford Haven Tourist Information I eventually obtained the phone number of The Brook Inn at St Ishmaels who recommended Georgina and John Lewelyn's b and b at Bicton Farm near St Ishmaels.

In the midst of my enquiry a local woman arrived enquiring about a proposed £2 fee to be charged by the local authority for access to the sea front at some town event. She went on and on about this when it was obvious that the info lady could do nothing about it. My valuable time was being wasted, and I was cross. Eventually I told the lady very forcibly that she had interrupted my time with the info lady and however long she wanted to rant she was not going to achieve anything, and after some muttering she departed. I said to the info lady "you have to be polite to your customers, but I don't ".

The Bicton b and b is an old family farm house with very kind and welcoming hosts, and all very comfortable - the best in b and bs.

I am now sitting in the aforementioned Brook Inn (Georgina has driven me here and will pick me up) having a pint and awaiting my cawl starter; this is a hearty welsh kind of soup.

All this now seems a long way from my depressed state last night, even though the heavy rain is still predicted for tomorrow, and I now have plans afoot to combat whatever is thrown at me.

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welshpaddler said...

Hello, Found your blog today and just finished at yesterdays story. i live near Carmarthen and you will have no doubt had a very wet day today (Sunday).
It was only last year that I started backpacking and your blog has given inspiration.

Not far to go now.