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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Welsh Boundary Walk - Whitesands Bay to Abercastle

Wednesday - 15th June - day 57

It is not often that I get down to Plan D. Plan A was to to stay in the Ship Inn at Trefin. B was to bed a breakfast at Trefin and eat in the pub if the pub did not do accommodation. C was to camp on the site at Trefin.

The pub did not do accommodation, but recommended three b and bs all of which were no good for various reasons, and when I saw the campsite I didn't fancy it, so Plan D evolved. There was another campsite a couple of kilometres up the road at Abercastle so I made for that. This turned out to be Trellyn Woodland Camping - This is a huge woodland site with yurts set up and also camping pitches. Tarpaulin type kitchens are also set up and full provision for wood fires including supplies of wood. Kevin Bird has Canadian background and set about bringing a backwoods camping experience to this site. I must say it is a wonderful set up. I am now installed in my own yurt and have a huge wood fire outside keeping me warm. What a find, and what a last night.

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