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Saturday, 2 July 2011

Back in the groove

I returned from my Welsh walk on 17th June to face post accounting for a fair sized forest, a garden suitable for the making of African Queen, and over eight hundred photos to sort. 
Most of that post is now in the waste paper recycling bin, phase one of garden taming is complete after zero offers from film companies, and the photos are down to five hundred and eighty, most of which have been processed through Photoshop at the basic level of light adjustment and cropping.  I have added captions where appropriate and created a title pic for each of the fifty eight days.
Yesterday I started with the production of my sixth book using the Internet self publishing site Lulu. 
Research has started on a walk for next year, if my aged joints will permit, but more of that later, suffice to say there are two possible routes which will be evaluated for distance and practicality, and, dare I say it in the face of earlier comments from BB, aesthetic value?
During the walk I could rarely remember to take pics on my iPhone to post on the blog, so here are eight photos to try and make up for that omission.

Please click to enlarge, especially number 7.

No idea what he is letting himself in for

I was invited into a private house to see this

The arty one


The Crow said...

Welcome home, Sir Hugh. I've enjoyed reading your posts about this walk.

Kudos, too, on starting your sixth book!

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - good to hear from you again, and I'm glad to learn you enjoyed my blog - a bit of a change from all that intellectual stuff on Works Well eh?

The Crow said...

Oh, is that what it is? (A wink and a nod to BB.)

I do my travel vicariously through the blogs of those who actually leave home, one of the reasons I enjoy reading yours.

The Crow said...

Just checking in to see what's new, then noticed the green sign that hadn't registered with me before.

So, just how much do monks go for nowadays, in your neck of the woods?

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - I have a folder in My Pics on the computer called "Signs".For the last couple of years on my travels I have been taking a shot of any eccentric signs I see. So far I have only about 40 of these. I also take pics of what I call "relics". and the loading shovel overgrown pic has qualified in that department.

When I have enough I may do a self publish book of them using the Lulu website that I have used to produce books of my walks.

As for the cost of monks I'm not sure what I would do with one if I could afford it. With their usual vow of silence communication would be difficult, but one may absorb meaningful values through association. I think I would prefer mine to be Bhuddist