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Thursday, 27 October 2011

Granddaughter name

In reply to comments the correct name is Katherine, chosen because Jill likes it, and it is versatile. Katie is appropriate for her as a baby/infant, and Kate may be used as she is older. Katherine is in reserve for when she becomes CEO of a major company, or a celebrated concert pianist, when Katherine Robinson will sound impressive, but William (her uncle) is convinced that she will be a fighter pilot.


The Crow said...

Or, for when she is all three, and more! (Re: using the full name of Katherine.)

No doubt she will soon be walking the hills of England with Grandad, too. Oh, the joy you are in for, Conrad, now that you are a grandparent!

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - I have just ordered on the Internet a "Deuter Kid Comfort III Baby Carrier" - this is a rucksack arrangement for carrying young children, so you see, your prediction is looking likely.

We are now on day five, and I seem to remember a familiar pattern: baby Katie is serene during the day, and tunes up at night time, but I am not complaining.

Anonymous said...

congratulations all round - sounds as though you all need it
as I said in my PM, 'in loco parentis' dons its contemporary meaning
- a propos of which, I assume you will now be re-titling your web-log as 'Conrad Wakes'

Barrett Bonden said...

The outside world has a way with names; I ended up with four or five variants, none of which I chose myself. New names can be hard to predict. A few years ago, when the fate of lachrymose and somewhat pathetic soccer player was being debated by the redtops, Katy could easily have ended up as Kazza.

One way Jill can ensure a new nickname sticks is to try and forbid it.

My daughter, who knows about such things, tells me I'm now a great-uncle. But great has a muliplicity of meanings.

All our best to Jill.

The Crow said...

The baby carrier will come in handy should Katie develop colic or fussiness during the daytime. When my daughter was a babe, I used to put her in the 1970s version of the baby carrier and go for a walk about the neighborhood. Almost always worked to soothe her.

Be sure to wear a burp pad across your shoulders, though!

Sir Hugh said...

Gimmer - Crying only happens at night. Jill's room is so full of furnishings and baby equipment it is almost totally soundproof. I hear very little.

BB - When Ann was in hospital prior to giving birth to Jill she had a fellow pregnantee who named her baby Tarquin Sebastian Dangerfield; I forget what the surname was, but I know it was something equally bizarre.

The Crow - The baby carrier has arrived. It is huge. I think it will be some time before Katie's first journey. I had to take advice on the definition of a burp pad, but now I know I am sure I will follow your advice.