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Monday, 28 November 2011

Photoshop, medical, baby

Final version of the Attermire Scar Photoshop painting.
Click to enlarge

The trees and the sky have been completely reworked, and the foreground colouring strengthened.

The Knee.
It is now a week since the arthroscopy. My impression is one of some improvement, but no miracle. I visit my GP on Monday 5th December for dressing removal and assessment.  
Following hospital advice I should then be able to tackle modest walking (there are differing opinions  interpreting that phrase amongst friends and family in relation to my observed regular activity). I am promised an appointment with the surgeon in 6/8 weeks when a new knee joint will be discussed. In the meantime I perform recommended exercises three times a day, and cabin fever is building.

Katie update

Jill is threatening a sale on Ebay if the recent crying episodes persist - this pic shows a rare moment of peace.


Phreerunner said...

Conrad, you have my sympathy - I've had four arthroscopies. Recovery is much quicker than if you'd had an ACL replacement if that's any comfort, and Roger B, with two knee replacements, was back to normal - apart from a full knee bend - pretty quickly after those.
Good luck!

The Crow said...

Your completed painting is beautiful, Conrad. I especially like the modelling on the clouds and the depth of blue of the sky in which they roll along. That must have been an especially lovely day for a hike.

Best wishes with your next appointment. One of my younger friends has had both knees replaced and she says they work better than when she was a teenager.

Tell Jill to hold off on the Ebay thing. Katie's distress will ease up one morning, never to return. Sounds like she might have colic, which is awful for babe, and perhaps worse for parents (et al) because there is little one can do to help ease it.

Lorenzo da Ponte said...

Just trying out my new blogonym.

Aha, I see it works.

New blog not quite boring enough. People are commenting.