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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Photoshop painting - UK's County Tops - Katie

This is the latest, unfinished version of Attermire Scar. The sky and the trees are not to my liking and will be taken back to a white restart. I have been trying to learn about the Gradient Tool in Photoshop to achieve a graduated deep to light blue colouring for the sky. It was not used in this version, but I think I have now mastered it. The trees have too much colour in them - I want them to appear more skeletal giving the picture an increased lonely and wild-open-space atmosphere.


One of six doctors in our practice is a keen climber and a serious partaker in charity runs and duathlons. Visiting him on Tuesday he told me about a new Cicerone Press guide - The UK's County Tops. Cicerone Press publish a huge range of outdoor pursuits guides covering the UK and many other countries, and they are located  thirty yards across the road from the surgery in Milnthorpe.

Jonny Muir walked and cycled the 91 tops in 92 days. This concept looks interesting, and could be tackled in many different ways - I have my own thoughts, but no positive plan. It would be a good project for Mick and Gayle (click here) with their newly acquired Colin.


Katie update  



The Crow said...

Oh, and how much they change in just a fortnight! Katie seems to be discovering her hands in this photo. Such a lovely baby, Conrad. But, then, look who her Mom is - another lovely.

I rather like the sky in your painting. It reminds me of early spring sky, when wisps of high-flying clouds make the sky appear lighter in a patchy fashion. It's coming along nicely, I think.

John Proud said...

Katie is looking lovely! tell Gill.
The county tops is a must for us aging hillwalkers to complete.
Just ordered one from you know who!
will have to get together to plan finishing them.

Barrett Bonden said...

Do books transmit their wisdom by osmosis?

Gayle said...

Funnily enough, Conrad, I bought that book a month or so ago...

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - You are right about Katie - she now spends more time with open eyes looking around, and sometimes trying to listen to me. I have a theory that newborns have underdeveloped lungs, and nature provides the remedy by exercise through clamour. The rest of the time is spent inert so as to direct energy to the process of growing... so I have been told. Time allowed for supermarket shopping requires doubling in order to accomodate admirers. Yesterday Jill was in a store and Katie was admired by a chavvy type woman ( which was ok until she asked for a cuddle - Jill was emphatic in her refusal.

You say you like the sky in the pic but to me it is too solid; I want it to appear more translucent.The original photo was taken in March with the remains of the winter snow lingering in small patches.

JP - Jill has been informed. I’m glad the guide seems to have sparked the same interest for you as it did for me. I would be interested to hear how many of them you have done.

BB - I don’t think that will be necessary - she has already read the full Frank Smythe and Eric Shipton anthologies, and is now embarked on Proust, but this is going a little slower - perhaps ahe needs a bit of encouragement from her great uncle?

Gayle - Oh dear! Have you told Colin?