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Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Another Lulu self publishing project

I have started a new book using Lulu  (self publishing website - if you're interested click on the link).

The idea is to group anecdotes and thoughts I have assimilated over the years under a number of headings such as "getting lost", "fear", "trespassing" etc. and experiences and thoughts will not necessarily be restricted to outdoor activities. So far I have written 3000 words and sourced a number of photos which will be integrated with the text. My previous six books have all had the themed titles of "Conrad Walks...", so for this one I have provisionally decided on "Conrad Talks".

The knee

I now have a pre-operation appointment for 7th February, so I will get an appointment after that for the operation. In the meantime I have had a few more modest bike rides. The only consolation (for me) is that the weather has been horrible.


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

Suggested straplines for new book title:

In sentences!

Through his mouth (Thank goodness).


Sir Hugh said...

l da P - What about: "?" or "...and Walks".

I wouldn't like to live up to your third suggestion. I don't think I am the bombastic type, that is until I am pushed over the edge, and then I become a loose cannon, in which case the usage meaning of ballistic may apply, but Conrad Walks Ballistically doesn't have a satisfying ring . Ah well! thinking caps back on.

Sir Hugh said...

I have just had an email from Gimmer saying he was having difficulty making a comment to this post, so I am just doing this test myself to see what happens.