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Sunday, 18 March 2012

The eclectic mountaineer

This post is really for  (Postcard from Timperley), in response to his post (12th March 2012) which included a photo of an unidentified mountain. Identification was invited.
I can rarely remember the Scottish names, but when I learned the mountain was Stob na Broige it sounded familiar, and I predictably, but wrongly assumed it would be a Munro. After some research I found I had climbed Stob na Broige at Easter 2006 whilst gatecrashing a Yorkshire Mountaineering Club meet. The previous day I had climbed Buachaille Etive Beag and this photo of Stob na Broige was taken  during that ascent.
The next day I returned to Glen Etive with my old friend Malcolm (Sol) Lomas, and Jane Wainwright, long standing members of the YMC, and we made the ascent indicated on the photo.

We only carried ice axes (no crampons or rope) and there were a couple of tricky sections.  On the first one I borrowed Jane’s ice axe and used that as well as my own.
That was an enjoyable outing, especially as our route was direct to the summit.
Another pleasing factor is the dispelling of a myth directed at Munroists of being unimaginative list-tickers - I still had plenty of Munros to do at that time, but was just as willing to go off and climb other peaks.


afootinthehills said...

I've not met many 'unimaginative list-tickers' Conrad but, I agree, such comments are often heard.

Phreerunner said...

Thanks Conrad - but were you using out of date tables when you inadvertently bagged the Munro, Stob na Broige, in 2006? It was promoted to Munro status in 1997, though anyone enjoying a 'proper' walk over Buchaille Etive Mor would have included it on that outing anyway, as with most of the 1997 'promotions'.

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner- hi Martin, you are correct. I have several different Munro lists on my computer for reasons I cannot now remember. and when I went to look up Stob na Broige I used an old list. It is definitely on the proper list which I have now renamed so I don't make the same mistake again. Also referring to my SMC Munros guide (revised and reprinted 1986) I see that I have made annotations there to show all the Munro revisions you refer to.

So I reckon my motivation for climbing Stob na Broige must have been just to tick another Munro, so bang goes the rationale for my neat little post. Ah well!

Lorenzo da Ponte said...

I take, then, that Jane Wainwright is not a friend.

Sir Hugh said...

L da P - I have only met Jane three times I think, and as such she is a friend, but I have known M.L. (Sol) since about 1958 and he is therefore a long standing "old" friend.