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Monday, 21 May 2012

Further Cabin Fever symptoms

I'm saying nothing


welshpaddler said...

Hi Conrad,

We have exchanged emails. I rode my first mountain bike ride on Sunday (green route). No affect on the Knee. Following a cancellation I now have an appointment to see consultant this Friday. Your pictures are not helping!!

Sir Hugh said...

welshpaddler - good news with the bike - I rode over two hundred miles on a number of routes mainly on roads in the few weeks before my op with no problems, whereas walking half a mile would have been difficult.

I had a look at your forest on Memory Map - I reckon you could easily get lost in there

I have now done the wound/scar/photo thing to death, so hopefully, if you dare read my blog again, the subject matter should be less distressing.

Good luck with your consultation.