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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Hubris and admonishment

When the French say “I look forward to”, their limited vocabulary only provides “j”attend avec impatience”. The literal translation of that phrase describes my present mood.
Last Friday I proudly presented myself to the physio without crutches, only to be rebuked and shown some exercises that proved my knee and leg were not yet strong enough to support proper walking. I had to shamefacedly accept that not using support would only encourage bad habits, and furthermore I had broken the promise to myself that I would do as I was told by the medics, and not rush things because of my leash straining.  After analysis the physio agreed to let me use a stick,  and I have been pegging around with this for the last week.
Yesterday was a milestone (or perhaps a kilometrestone) - I walked round the block from home which measures on Memory Map 981m, which is, as near as dammit, 1km, and I repeated this today; I took nineteen minutes, so nearly twice as long as normal walking, although I emphasise that these practice sessions were not motivated by a desire to secure pole position for a forthcoming race.
The knee is still uncomfortable, and painful when doing certain exercises.

Today I was able to ascend the stairs at home, still using the stick, but not peg-legging. I tentatively tried descending like this, but decided to leave that until I see the physio again next Thursday.
What I am looking forward to is discarding the awful anti-DVT stretch, full length stockings I have to wear for six weeks - they are uncomfortable, and fiendishly difficult to put on when I change them (L da P - you have my sympathy). Discard date is 15th June. 
As I write my follow up appointment with the surgeon has just landed scheduled for 20th June.
Belatedly, I would like to praise the care and attention I received at Kendal NHS Treatment Centre (Ramsay Health Care UK), and also the excellent, no nonsense advice provided by the physio. At all times I have felt I was being treated as an intelligent individual, and not just an NHS number.

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