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Thursday, 17 May 2012

Not for the squeamish

Well, I had my knee op clips removed today, and I see the physio tomorrow at the hospital.  I am now walking without crutches, but there is still some pain, especially when I do my four times a day exercises. I mentioned before that some people keep the clips as a memento, and in fact the nurse asked me if that was my intention. I had suggested putting them on Ebay in my last post, but then I had a better idea, sparked by my use of the via ferrata simile, and enabled by time on my hands to devote to a lot of faffing about with Photoshop.
Yes, I know that on a via ferrata the rope wouldn't be used like this, but it just adds to the pic here.


Lorenzo da Ponte said...

Now that is a work of true genius but get rid of of that caption which is an unnecessary, naive and distracting adornment. Nor should you include details about your labours with Photoshop. It's like a conjurer telling us about what he had up his sleeve.

Sir Hugh said...

L da P - I did debate about the caption. The reason for inclusion is that I anticipated "clever" corrections from accomplished climbers who read the blog, and I wanted to be one jump ahead.

afootinthehills said...

I love that Conrad. You have too much time on your hands Sir!

welshpaddler said...

Cheers, Conrad, just what I wanted to see as I have knee problems and really hope I don't have to have the metal work!

Sir Hugh said...

afoot - Hi Gibson, I enjoyed your Scottish trip covering many familiar places, and sending me off to scrutinise Memory Map for the ones I was not sure about. Glad you liked my bit of fun. I will have to find something else to turn my mind to now.

welshpaddler - Hi Bob - sorry about that. the clips are less dramatic than they look and gave no discomfort on removal, and even after 24hrs the scar has diminished quite a lot.