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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Word verification

I have long been irritated by “word verification” replying to blog comments.

Some research informs me that this protects against spam comments on blogs. By going into Blogger Dashboard/Settings/Comments it is possible to turn off word verification. I have opted to do this, and providing spam comments don’t become a problem I will leave it this way.
I get the impression most bloggers allow w.v. but wonder if they are aware it is not obligatory - perhaps I will be enlightened by an avalanche of spam.


Mark said...

Three cheers to you - it's infuriating. How's it going - oodles of spam or not?

Sir Hugh said...

Mark- So far I have received two lots of spam purporting to be "comments" on my blog, but strangely they have only arrived as emails, and have not shown up in the "comments" part of the blog. This is partly because I have set Blogger to email me when "comments" are received, but why the spam ones have not shown up on the blog I do no know, although that is a desirable attribute.

As far as I am concerned so far so good. If circumstances change my mind I will air my views on the blog.

I enjoyed your Wasdale pics.