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Monday, 18 June 2012

The Tour of Arnside Knott

Having walked the tours of The Ecrins, The Vanoise, The Quyeras and The French Gorges the best I can do at the moment is give you some pics of my local "Tour" taken today - a round trip of about three kilometres. I don't think this one will get published by Cicerone.
The starting line

Turn right into wood where road goes to shadow

Into the woods

Starting the steep ascent

Railway viaduct -Arnside/Grange-over-Sands.
High Street and Kentmere fells at skyline

Across the Kent estuary, Dow Crag and The Old Man of Coniston centre
Zoom to  Skiddaw - 33 miles distant

Welcome seat at summit of A. Knott - trig is a little higher up and behind, but this is best for the view
Well-known local landmark - Lake District hills in background. Legend says two lovers ostracised by their families planted two trees and linked them together
Heysham Power Station across Morecambe Bay - about 11 miles away
View indicator - looking across Kent Estuary to Grange-over-Sands - skyline shows Caw (the pointy one at left end) then further right the Coniston fells

Hunphrey Head - an attractive peninsula sticking out into Morecambe Bay - makes a pleasant walk - there is a trig point at the end
Spring at bottom of very steep slope of The Knott - nearly always has water and unfailingly remembered and visited by our late dogs Barney and Jake.

Zoom to Ingleborough - twenty miles away

Photo as received by me from Jill

I never ordered this!


Anonymous said...

The Ecrins and the Queyras et al are very specIal, but living hard by Arnside Knott isn't too bad either!
Cardboard boxes are endlessly exciting, I don't know why we bother with toys.

afootinthehills said...

It all looks as good as anywhere abroad Conrad, with weather to match.

Sir Hugh said...

Beating the Bounds and Afoot - D'accord! I did not intend to belittle Arnside Knott in any way. Since I moved here 12 years ago I have never taken these delightful surroundings for granted, and it is always a pleasure to return here from one's travels.

Katie has a profusion of toys many of which are plastic in bright colours, but they all look as though they have come from the same factory - Jill has attempted to buy wooden toys herself, but Katie is always more interested in a bunch of keys, or the aluminium walking stick issued to me by the hospital, or the little pull out drawers in my coffee table, and of course cardboard boxes which can become anything whatsoever in the imagination of a youngster.