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Friday, 28 September 2012

Walking in the rain

Elsewhere I have said that to walk intentionally in the rain, the overall adventure must be large enough in scope to make that worthwhile.

Earlier this week I picked up my brother, who is not well, in Harrogate, and drove him to Hereford to visit brother number three for two nights; a round trip of six hundred miles.

Brother number three in his own post referred to my,  “ chauffeuring job”. For me I reckon the “...the scope” of the whole outweighed any adversity from the long drive a hundred times over.

Thanks to Mrs BB for feeding us all superbly.

L to R - BB, Harrogate brother, Sir Hugh


Roderick Robinson said...

It's my own fault, I'm a creature of multiple identity: first Barrett Bonden, then Lorenzo da Ponte now the real (and somewhat diminished) me. A couple of commenters to my blog have paid me the compliment of saying to them I'll always be BB. Perhaps I'll always be BB to myself.

Anyway I think Mrs RR (or Mrs BB) would agree with your "scope" principle. There were meals to prepare and to serve without hassle, sheets to wash, towels to lay out, but I suspect she would say the work was worth the effort. We were pleased to see Nick and take pride in the fact that there were moments when he appeared to forget his travails; and we are grateful for your Bucephalus contributions.

The Crow said...

I am reminded of the song "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother." Seems to fit both of you, and your families. All the more reason to admire you.

Anonymous said...

In reply to The Crow - funny but it reminded me of the song 'Sisters' by the ?Beverley Sisters. Going back a long time!
..... there were never such devoted sisters [read Brothers]
No offense Conrad and bros.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I'm not anonymous.

Sir Hugh said...

All - thanks for your comments.

Crow - I downloaded your song - the Neil Diamond version. There was another by The Hollies which I have not heard. Do you have a preference?

The Crow said...


I would have recommended Diamond, but then I listened to The Hollies a moment ago and like their version better.


It's a good song for the three of you, for I have no doubt that if it were either you or Robbie in his situation, Nick would be doing the same.

Email coming.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - I have now seen/heard the Hollies version and I agree. It has more feeling, and a more sympathetic arrangement, as well as the advantage of seeing the the performance.

With the Diamond version I just downloaded the track from the album onto iTunes.