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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Car damage

Replying to Bowlandclimber's request here are photos of the damage to the car (see my last post - A day of good and bad bits - River Sprint 3).

At first glance the damage looks minimal, but the whole of the panel outlined in red dots, and the silver one underneath have to be replaced and painted plus a new number plate, but even so the cost seems excessive. Fortunately it will be met by the third party's insurance.

Although I have had the car for two and a half years I never knew that the circular disc in the photo houses a spray which comes out automatically when the windscreen washers are operated and sprays the headlamps.

A new key for the Yeti with automatic operation would cost £140, but I can have a manual one for £67. The Skoda dealer has to send off for the key and wait about two weeks, then they have to have the car and "code" the key.


welshpaddler said...

My "electronic" key only opens the doors to my car and does not work to lock it. Citroen want in excess of £70.00 for a new key. So far I am fit enough to place key in lock and turn!

Anonymous said...

"Fortunately it will be met by the third party's insurance." what really happens is that we all pay for it through ever increasing insurance premiums. Thanks to some cosy relationship between the repairers and the insurance companies.
I would go looking for the lost key at those prices!

Sir Hugh said...

Welshpaddler - long may the fitness continue.


Bowlandclimber - I know what you mean. Insurance companies are far ahead of banks and estate agents on my list of baddies.

If I was ten years younger I might have gone back to look for the key, but in any case current commitments prevent a return in the next few days, and as this is an elctronic device it will most likely be trashed by the rain by now.

Anonymous said...

Keys have now become the bane of my life.
After being locked out of my house at 3am in my underpants [don't ask why] I realised a hidden cache was necessary.
I also now walk around the supermarket with my car keys on a loop around my neck. This saves me the embarrassment of going back to the till where I suspect I had left them. I hate to say it but perhaps finger print technology maybe the answer.

Sir Hugh said...

Bowland c. - that underpants story must be worth a post?

It reminds me of a climbing friend back in the sixties who was renowned for mimicking his nagging mother, with a somewhat high pitched shrieky voice.

" I don't what you get up to. You go off at weekends, and you come back with your underpants black-bright".

Anonymous said...

Best left private!

Phreerunner said...

Bad luck, Conrad, but you'll get over it. Last year I 'lost' all my keys on a walk around Silverdale. Timpsons replaced the car key for £75. A few months later the owner of the car in which we'd travelled popped around... "I found something that may be yours" ... We've sold that car now - didn't get paid for the third key though!

Times change, I once locked myself out of my car after parking up for the night on Dunmail Rise. I was in underpants on a mid-December morning. I waved down the first car, a Capri. Their key opened my Zodiac's door.... (Phew!!)

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner - How about that? Two underpants stories in one post.

Those were the days - Capris, Cortinas and Cavaliers. As a company car man for over twenty years I had them all.

I've been off for a few days with the caravan to Leyburn - first trip this year. Post to follow.

Phreerunner said...

We were nearby (ish), in Kettlewell. A lovely weekend. A Capri pre dated my Zodiac. I took it to Istanbul via the Yugoslavian coast and the 'Albanian Border Route'. Then my house turned out to be infested with dry rot; sadly the Capri financed the repairs. Cortinas and Cavaliers came later...
[Lots of memories in this comment.]

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner - Kettlewell was like a second home when I was in the Scouts with our regular visits to Hag Dyke. We used to walk down in the evenings and partake in underage drinking at the King's Head. I even remember the obliging landlord's name - Jeff Mitton.

Nostalgia is rampant at the mo.