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Monday, 5 November 2012

Lancaster Canal - Tewitfield to Burton-in-Kendal bridge (SD 516 758)

End of the line at Tewitfield - my previous finishing point was on the bank beyond stern of boat

The reason for the blocked off canal.  Walking under the M6

Restart of canal after motorway

I added the signature - click to enlarge if difficult to read

A lot of the canal is badly overgrown from here onwards - there are no boats from Tewitfield northwards

Lock gates have been removed

This was a noisy walk due to motorway proximity

A few hundred yards after this bridge (SD 520 750) the canal is blocked again by the M6,
I walked to the terminus then came back to this bridge to cross the M6 and resume some distance on the other side

Canal blocked by M6 which can be seen top left

My script indicates the distant resumption of the canal

Resumption after M6 obstruction - It was only a few hundred yards to the bridge where I finished this section
I believe there are plans for restoration of the Lancaster Canal which I intend to research and maybe post a summary. It would certainly be a monumental task, but now that access to the Leeds and Liverpool Canal at Preston has been achieved the Lancaster would become part of a huge network, so it would arguably be a worthwhile project.

(Walked - Saturday 3rd November 2012)

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