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Friday, 8 February 2013

Kirkby Moor, north of Ulverston

Wednesday - 6th February 2016

If you watch Grand Designs, slate walls or floors are sometimes featured. A major source of slate in the UK is Burlington Quarries in The Lake District.

Today's Marilyn, Kirkby Moor, overlooks the busy workings of that enterprise which has recently been further blighted with windmills. There are strange artificial little hills and older quarry excavations dotted around, and a spaghetti of footpaths and tracks.

I periodically make up foam applicators similar to paint pads for a friend who has a business manufacturing sealant for slate and other stone, and occasionally I assist on jobs where the sealant is applied, so I have more than a passing connection with Burlington slate.

Today I was able to combine delivering a new batch of applicators to the company's headquarters in Ulverston with ascent of Kirkby Moor which is only about fifteen minutes drive from Ulverston.


I can't resist showing most of the photos I took, although they are a bit repetitive; they are worth looking at as enlarged by clicking on one of the photos.

A sealant applicator - the black foam is glued onto the backing plate by me
The skull and crossbones is the icon I have used to indicate Marilyns on Memory Map

All snowy ones are left to right, Dow Crag then The Old Man of Coniston and Wetherlam behind. They are about fifteen kilometres distant belied in some pics by use of zoom

Looking down to the Duddon estuary.

That blip on the shadow line is my shadow


beatingthebounds said...

Looks like you picked a better day for your latest day out! I've never been up there - Great Burney and Blawith Knott and the hills around Beacon Tarn, but never Kirkby Moor. The views are obviously good, but the wind farms are a bit off-putting. One day I'll get round to it no doubt.

Sir Hugh said...

Beating the Bounds - Hi Mark. That sort of proves a point - Marilyns and the like get you to worthwhile places you would not otherwise have visited.