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Sunday, 31 March 2013

Lancaster Canal - Hest Bank to Carnforth

This project has been in two halves. I walked the sections north from Hest Bank to Kendal on my own, and south from Hest Bank to Preston with Pete (we still have one more trip to finish at the terminus in Preston).

Originally, walking with Pete had no particular objective other than a regular Thursday outing. It was only when I had done a couple of legs on my own on the northern section that I conceived the idea of walking the whole canal. At that point I knew I had walked the first of the northern sections from Hest Bank to Carnforth several weeks earlier, so I let that count, but now realise that I had taken no photos, nor did I post on the blog. Every other section on the canal has its own post, so  yesterday I cycled and photographed this missing section so that I would have a complete record on the blog.

My bike at Hest Bank

This section mostly runs through pleasant residential territory on one side and the A6 between Lancaster and Carnforth on the other ; the path is hard surfaced as a cycle track all the way

Distant Warton Crag

This was Easter Saturday - one of many dog walkers and casual strollers met along the way just about keeping up with the narrow boat. I must get a better bell for my bike

Close proximity to the A6 most of the way

Moorings at Carnforth

Exit the canal at Carnforth - I cycled back on minor roads


Anonymous said...

We cycled this section (there and back from Canal Turn to Hest Bank) with the kids late last year. It's ideal, apart from the fact that I felt the little one would ride into the canal. He found it hard going in a cold wind, but we all enjoyed Sunday Lunch in a cafe by the Hest Bank level crossing which had just opened under new management that day. (It was very good value, if I remember right.)
I used to run home from Lancaster using the canal too, before it was all tarmacked, and before I had to stop running.
So the canal is nearly 'done': what next for Thursday walks with Pete?

Sir Hugh said...

Beatingthebounds - You seem to be making a much better job of encouraging your offspring to the outdoors than I did.

Future plans for Thursdays? Yes, I haver some ideas, but you will have to keep reading.

Anonymous said...

"You will have to keep reading."
Excellent - just as I'd hoped!