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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Bredon Hill (SO 957 402)

A quick up and down in one and a half hours. I met one guy with two Springer Spaniels and saw not much of a view - low cloud and hazy.
The summit displays a huge and well defined circular hill fort in contrast to many such things shown on the OS maps which, to the layman, would seem to be figments of archeologists' imaginations.
The list of literary and musical connections at Wikipedia is extensive.
I took no gadget photos, and because of very poor light the camera ones are dull.
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afootinthehills said...

Despite your bashed head and your coffee decanting itself into your car, you seem to be on your way to collecting a goodly number of Marilyn's.

Please indulge me by taking some pics since I don't know the area at all-:)

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot- hi Gibson. I have now moved from The Cotswolds to Okehampton. The immediate plan ist to do the seven Ms in Cornwall using this as a base. I will try and remember to take photos with iPad so that I can post on th blog.

Anonymous said...

cloud covered coloured counties, then?