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Friday, 19 April 2013

Out with the winter jacket.

Last night great entertainment was provide by the local canine agility club who have a field next door to my site with the usual doggy obstacle course. There must have been thirty or so members filling the pub car park and some overflow onto the caravan field. How those dogs enjoy themselves - it was all great fun.

My Paramo jacket is at last too warm, and I have taken to my RAB shell, just to keep the chill wind at bay.

An hour's drive took me to Dundry Down (ST 553 667) which turned out to be the most disgusting Marilyn summit so far. It is a general dumping ground and adjacent to a scrap vehicle yard, but that all adds interest to this project, and each top has its own surprises. Dundry overlooks the whole of Bristol to the north and the M4 bridge was clearly visible.

I am continuing to take photos for this blog with the IPad. The results are not bad, but I am doctoring them a bit with a Photoshop app I have on the pad. Holding the tablet still in a stiff wind is almost Impossible, and in any kind of bright outdoor light you can't see anything on the screen - you just have to point, and shoot in hope. Memory Map with its GPS is excellent, and I just stuff the tablet down my shirt front making it easy to get at and convenient to carry. I would have no qualms about carrying its extra weight on a backpacking trip.

Long Knoll (ST 786 376) in the Wiltshire Downs provided an enjoyable 3 kilometre ridge walk there and back. It seems that few of these hills have provided much extended walking so far.

That concludes Area 41. I'm booked in at the Camping and Caravan Club site at Salisbury tomorrow - Area 42.

Marilyns this trip - 17

Total so far - 303

Dundry Down scrap vehicles

Another one for my "Relics" collection

Looking back along the ridge of Long Knoll

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1 comment:

afootinthehills said...

Your trip continues to be full of interest and quite a change from your usual exploits. I've come across litter at summits before, but never quite the like stuff depicted in your photographs (thankfully).

I'm pleased to hear that your iPad is proving a success. I'm certainly enjoying my mini.