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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Smart World Services Exeter - problem solvers

The caravan repair resulted in fitting a new mains charger in the van - £189. Whilst the cost was hard to bear I must compliment Simon Hodgson - Smart World Services in Exeter who agreed on the phone to see me first thing next morning. A friendly welcome and efficient service had me on my way by 11:30. Simon also told me about Stormfront situated nearby who are Apple agents, so I shot off there to burden them with the slow iPad problem. The guy removed the SIM card, cleaned it up and blew the dust out of its little cubby hole and all now seems to be working much better.

Yesterday I could not make the post including the pics with Blogpress. After much messing about I managed to do it by email, but it didn't go until this morning.

Just to see if Blogpress will post pics now here is one I omitted from the Brown Willy trip. This is a monument situated just downstream from the car park to Charlotte Dymmond who was murdered by Matthew Weekes in 1844. If you are interested there is more detail if you Google Matthew Weekes.


I have now arrived at my new site in the archetypal English country village of Lower Odcombe near Yeovil.

My caravan can be seen at on the pub site at the bottom of the drive.

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Anonymous said...

Your Marilyn trip is proving eventful and a little expensive!
Makes a good read from this end. Hope all the technical problems are fixed now and you can relax and enjoy the walking.
I remember ascending High Willhays and Yes Tor 30 years ago when completing George Bridge's 2000ft mountains of England and Wales. Tick -Tick.
I assume I steered clear of Brown Willy!!!!
Enjoy the rest of your trip.

Sir Hugh said...

BC - I knew somebody would say something about that preposterous name. I have been embarrassed to utter it when talking to people about my mission.

Anonymous said...

It would be me!!

afootinthehills said...

Conrad - I didn't realise you'd bought the upmarket iPad mini with cellular capability. Mine is WiFi only but I'm working on Lynne to buy the new version when it appears later this year!

Good to hear the caravan is fixed and you can now proceed, trouble-free, onwards and upwards to summit after summit.

I now await an MRI on my knee following an X-Ray and lengthy consultation.

afootinthehills said...
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