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Sunday, 14 April 2013

Three more Marilyns

Just a brief report. I got back to the caravan to find a fault with my water pump so I have spent ages trying to sort it, and then find a repairer on the Internet near Exeter to take it to . The iPad is unbelievably slow taking several minutes to open each web page and I have now reached the limit of patience.

I went back and did Brown Willy and conditions were not much better than yesterday. From Brown Willy I drove to Kit Hill (SX 375 713) and found I could drive right to the top. Some may say that is cheating, but as far as I'm concerned I have visited the summit which satisfies my own concept of what I am about.

Another long drive took me to the least inspiring Marilyn so far - Christ Cross (SS 964 052) where a transmission mast has been built on thes site of the OS trig point.

Setting off for Brown Willy

Bronx Willy summit

Kit Hill summit - my car is just visible to
left of trig

Christ Cross

Marilyn count so far this trip - 8


The Crow said...

I admire your persistence and fortitude, Conrad.

Roderick Robinson said...

A fault with the the water pump, forsooth! Don't you sometimes yearn for the Shipton/Tilman outlook: for a six-month expedition, is a second shirt necessary?

Sir Hugh said...

The Ccrow - hi Martha. It's not all bad. I am enjoying myself but nobody wants to read about that, so perhaps persistence and fortitude are not as much needed as you may think.


RR - the answer to your question is a big yes.

This trip is a compromise because the knee will not allow me to do what I really want, which is another long distance backpacking trip where the Shipton philosophy would apply. When you are the one carrying everything on your back the overwhelming consideration is to keep things as light and simple as possible.

Your comment with its implied disapproval of what you see as my soft life only serves to increase my frustration.

afootinthehills said...

I assume the Wi-Fi is poor on the site because I'm finding my iPad very quick at loading web pages.

Your frustration at being unable to undertake a long backpacking trip is well understood at this end of the country Conrad.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot -I think, and hope that you are right about the WiFi.

I had planned to move on from here tomorrow after climbing High Willhays (SX 580 892) today which will be the last of the 7 Marilyns in Area 40 (Deevon and Cornwall). I have just confirmed a 9:00am appointment tomorrow with a caravan service outfit in Exeter. I think the problem is that my battery is not charging from the mains.

I will have to leave booking onto another site until I see how much travelling time I have left after the van is sorted.