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Wednesday, 8 May 2013

What does it say on your school report?

Let’s face it, repetitive landscape photos, can be boring. My Lancaster Canal walk provided opportunities for more unexpected and interesting subjects, but these were gifted to me, and I probably missed  others that could have made a story.

Most of us settle for pleasing landscape shots rather than a good gash in the leg, or the billy you just upset spilling your anticipated curry into the grass, but to others those last two examples would better grab their attention. 

There are people with a natural instinct to record drama, and they become professional photographers. It is possible to train yourself to some extent, but I have found it difficult.

On Monday I went for a modest walk. It was so modest, that even though I took the camera, I had already persuaded myself there would not be enough content to write an interesting post.

I took about five pretty pictures.

Back home, soaking in a hot bath I thought about the walk, and the short, but harrowing busy main road I couldn’t avoid, and then realised I had missed a chance to try and take some shots of cars, perhaps with speed blur or whatever. Then  I remembered that towards the end of the walk, a track shown on the map, vital to my route had been incorporated into a holiday cottage development and was blocked off by eight foot high, close mesh site fencing. I managed to circumvent all this by climbing two gates and a wall with barbed wire, but again had not grabbed the chance to get some pictures.

What is it that stops me, even when I know the form? It’s like the old school report:


Anonymous said...

Don't know where you were walking but always take pictures of barbed wire obstructions etc.
Hope that was not your actual school report.

Sir Hugh said...

From GIMMER posted by me on his behalf due to his technical difficulty in posting comments.

I know this was not the gravamen of your post, but I wholeheartedly agree with bowlandclimber - if this was an official public footpath/right of way, it would seem as though an actual crime has been committed, so must be reported to the Local Authority immediately.

On another matter - how did you get hold of my school report?

Sir Hugh said...

Both - the track was shown on the 1:50000 OS map as what I have always called a white road. It was not designated as a public right of way, ie no bridleway or public footpath marking. I presume therefore that one cannot argue, but if you know differently I would like to hear your comments. If you want to look yourselves the location is SD 566 806 on the A65 marked Thompson's Fold, about about 3km south east of M6 Jct 36. There are some vague red marks at the beginning of the track now I have looked at in magnification, so I will now email the appropriate authority and see what they say.

The school report:see my next post.