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Sunday, 23 June 2013

A day with friends

Fellow blogger JJ has been arranging to join me for a day on my walk for the last couple of days. This morning he turned up at my camp with old friends Mick and Gayle. We set off at 8:30 in rain which persisted well into the afternoon, so it was a bit heads down and not much to see, but the conversation never flagged for a minute.
We had a pub stop for tea. Gayle had minor hair problems before we entered. JJ took a photo which may get posted on his blog. I took a few photos on my camera but I omitted to take any on this gizmo, so sorry folks, no pics for this post

I am now eating in The Fox Inn at Elworth near Sandbach. I arrived almost too late for the Sunday carvery, so rushed off fifty yards down the road to pitch my wet tent from last night, and then back to the pub. The site is on a farm and really grotty. The loo is the same hole caravaners empty their chemical toilets into - I may give that a miss in the morning.

It was good to walk with friends today, but a pity the weather couldn't have been kinder. The last time M and G walked with me on my Broads to The Lakes we battled giant hogweeds On a hot day following the Teesside Way.

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Mark said...

Hope your Cheshire walk is going well and has a happier conclusion than your South Coast venture. The forecast looks better for the next couple of days - I shall keep my fingers crossed for you.

Sir Hugh said...

Mark - thanks. I am enjoying this one so far. Snuggled down in tent at mo, a bit damp and a gale blowing. Looking forward to better weather tomorrow.

Alan R said...

Your ears will be ringing now Conrad. Have an extra pint to settle them down.

John J said...

Oh dear, I hope you survived the campsite okay.
Good to meet you for the first time - keep up the en-route blogging so we know where you are.

Sir Hugh said...

Alan and John - no problems. Fully settled down again. All dried out from last night, and in good heart comments

Phreerunner said...

Crumbs - it must have been an interesting day, what with all these encounters and a 16th century toilet...