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Saturday, 22 June 2013


I meant to include this pic with today's post. A contrast breakfast today for you TGOers


John said...

That's all very well, but what's on the breakfast menu for tomorrow?



Sir Hugh said...

My system is to see what crops up on the route in the first hour. If zilch, resort to cheese and biscuits in my sack.

High Horse said...

Ahh,Father,I'm writing this from Jills account as I need some gmail thing to comment... I popped round to see you last night but you seem to have vanished again without saying anything,,oh how the tables turn....where are you? Who you with? What time will you be back?
Take care Dad,see you soon have fun...
Councillor Robinson.x.

Sir Hugh said...

HH - in the old days your elevated councillor title may have given you the power to put me in the stocks.