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Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Day 3 Southwold to Sizewell part 2

The last bit down the coast from Sizewell was all sea, blue skies and a fresh wind. This has been the best day's walking since my walk round Wales two years ago.

My attitude to this walk has changed today. Poole doesn't matter, ok if I get there but I am enjoying sauntering steady 10 mile days with no pressure other than finding somewhere to sleep.

I know from experience it takes several days, maybe a week to slot into the routine, and at the same time gain some fitness.

Last night my meal included a disgusting disappointment. Others may not concur, but I enjoy cup-a-soup, and I duly prepared my mug of golden vegetable. It tasted like, and had the consistency of the liquid you drain off a tin of peas. I looked more closely at the packet and saw I had mistakenly bought slim-a-soup; never again.

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Gayle said...

Glad you're starting to enjoy yourself, and that the knee is holding up.

(As for the slim-a-soup - perhaps two sachets made up with a single serving of water would work?)

Sir Hugh said...

Gayle - good to hear from you.

That would be like shooting yourself in the foot TWICE.

Anonymous said...

confirmation, if confirmation still be needed, that it really is high time for a 'B A D' - better go buy some Millac or Marvel if no cows about - served us well in the Hindu Kush!

j'ai rit aux éclats a votre meschance (pardonnez-moi) et réponse ici! Bravo!

The Crow said...

I also like cup-o-soup - and ramen. Knorr mixes are good, too. Do they make good camping soups?

I'm following your journey through your posts; enjoying your pictures. Carry on!

High Horse said...

Hi Dad! Glad you are getting going now! Katie had an adventure yesterday and spent it with Lorraine and Luke. They were out all day playing in the park and visiting her dad, (who has become another Katie convert!!).

It's mad Thursday at school today so will see if I am still standing be the end of it!


jill robinson said...

p.s Done any geocaches????

afootinthehills said...

As you know, 'knees' are a subject close to my heart at present so I'm delighted to learn that your bionic one is working fine.

Off to the Highlands soon but will continue to follow your progress if I can get a Wi-Fi signal.

Sir Hugh said...

Afoot - it's not all that good but I'm battling on.


High Horse - you must be joking - it's concentration on survival only.