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Wednesday, 12 June 2013


I have had to withdraw the Slideshow.

At one point Picasa erased all the photos from the whole of my blog. It now wants to make all the photos on my computer available in the public domain. Picasa is the most unfriendly software I have come across for a long time. I think this is going to take some sorting.

Has anybody any advice about posting slideshows on the blog by other means?

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The Crow said...

I intensely dislike Picasa for the same reason, Conrad. I'm glad I had the opportunity to view them earlier. Hope you'll find a way to re-post them.


Anonymous said...

I concur - to me, anything Google is now anathema - even to the extent that I use Bing maps and search: 'do no evil' now seems to be 'do as much evil as you can imagine - and then some'.
I use Flickr - still not ideal from either organisational or privacy viewpoints, but better. I think Yahoo are really trying to do the right thing - their new CEO is ex Google and, rumour suggests, could not wait to go.
You could try setting up an account with MacMate and provide access to 'approved' followers: it is a good replacement for the much-lamented MobileMe gallery function and you could add the link to each of your posts.

afootinthehills said...

I've just read your previous post and can easily understand why you aborted your journey. On the photograph front, you could try SmugMug although you have to pay for it - around£47 per year for unlimited storage and easy retrieval of the original images if needed. Customer service is superb in my experience.

Sir Hugh said...

The Crow - Well Martha, at least that gives me a bit of comfort; I know I am not alone.


Gimmer -I have lost most of the blog on my iPad and iPhone. The whole thing is now a total mess, and I have spent ages already trying to sort it but am getting nowhere.


Afoot - Hi Gibson. Since my earlier comment I have now restored the blog on the iPhone and iPad and retrieved various pictures onto the blog as I see it from the Mac.

I have had a look at uninstalling Picasa and it seems a bit techy so I am thinking of getting my computer man to come and do it for me. After that I will certainly have a look at Smug Mug. Thanks for the suggestion.

Phreerunner said...

Conrad - I seem to hit a problem every time I skirmish (when forced by Google) with Google+, but I've had no problem uploading images to Picasa and linking to the blog - I did two slideshows yesterday for our Pembroke trip with no apparent problem. Most of my images are public, but that doesn't particularly bother me - occasionally people ask to use them, and very few are uploaded at full resolution.

I do however live in increasing fear of Google's antics, and I noticed that Flickr has re-launched, with a vast amount of FOC 'cloud' space, to a very good review in Web User magazine. Possibly worth trying.

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner - Thanks Martin. I was able to get the slideshow onto the blog, but at the end of the slideshow a box appeared giving access to all the pictures on my computer. When I then tried to invoke "read by link only" all the photos back to zero were blanked out on my blog including the header photo and others in the front page template, and the same when I called up the blog on the iPhone and theiPad. I have managed to reinstall these mechanically, but was not able to do it by reversing any commands in Picasa, Google + or Blogger Dashboard.

The interrelationship between Picasa, Google+ and Blogger Dashboard makes for endless complications,with so many variables when you are trying to correct something by trial and error.