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Monday, 24 June 2013

Elworth to Northwich

The tow paths are not as good from Sandbach. They are by no means dire, but more overgrown (hogweeds) and lumpy

I've chatted to a few proper boat owners now who either live on, or spend perhaps four months at a time touring. They are obviously adventurous types and good to talk to. I was cross with myself at one point. I reckon to be reasonably proficient at French language. This guy's boat was called "pecheur", "Ah" I said, "fisherman", only to be corrected with the correct translation, "kingfisher", which I then realised I had known.

This has been an interesting dayI have ended up at a Travelodge a mile's tramp out of Northwich so clothing has been washed using the traditional towel twisting technique to dry. Fortunately the tent is dry so I didn't gave to resort to methods of one guy I heard of who removed all the pictures in his hotel room and draped his wet tent round suspended by the picture hooks.

My target for tomorrow us Frodsham. That will mean peeling off The Cheshire Ring Canal walk and walking up the navigable River Weaver. I hope to walk the Sandstone Trail from Frodsham south to Whitchurch.
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Alan Sloman said...

Ahe the picture hook hanging gentleman is Lord Elpus of "Doodlecat" fame. He turns his hotel bedrooms into Arab Souks.

Frodsham - the home of Sheet Piles.

Sir Hugh said...

Alan - thanks for that. I'll put all that info into my database.

I know not what sheet piles are, b maybe if I stay there long enough I may find out. I will make enquiries

Anonymous said...

First Welshman to summit Everest lives in frodsham. And so does bob carolgees (spit the dog-tiswas).

John J said...

Does this mean you'll be at Delamere Forest Campsite on Wednesday evening?

Glad you've found a bed for the night.

If you get the chance you must try to visit The Helter Skelter in Frodsham - excellent food and even excellenter beer. It's up the hill from the railway station.


High Horse said...

Wish we were with you! Katie now has her own rucksack so is now eligible!!

Roderick Robinson said...

A Travelodge! Now you're really pushing back the geographic boundaries. I look forward to a paean (Hard to spell; wish I'd never chosen it) of anger about your inability to come to terms with the ice-making machine down the corridor. Leading to an exhortation (Coloured in red for those of us who find words difficult) to all your readers that they forswear ice-making machines.

Did you know Mrs Hindle came from Frodsham?

Had a recent phone call from the Ancient Mariner, delighted to find me in. Everyone else turns out to be out. Wonders whether it's a conspiracy but is totally cheerful about this possibility.

gimmer said...

you are moving deep into Wayfarers territory - I assume your membership card is with you and is up to date!
sounds a good and enjoyable walk - must interest you in the Kennet and Avon next.

ou le Canal du Midi, peut-être!

Sir Hugh said...

All- I have just spent half an hour replying to these comments and the whole lot has vanished - don't often swear but bugger.

Sir Hugh said...

HH - just get her some stamina training in.

RR-I would gladly stay at Michelin star hotels if they cropped up on the route. At age 73 when you have walked 15 miles you tend to take whatever is available when you get there.

I don't think Mrs H would have dined at the posh pub iI am in at the mo - The Travellers Rest, Frodsham. Potato and nettle soup to start so far.

I spoke to The AM yesterday. He was full of cheer and said he had guests.

Gimmer - I will keep a low profile and ask careful questions of people I encounter.

Your suggestions are interesting and will be investigated when I get back home to a proper computer.