Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Is there a Google+ expert out there?

I have now completed the backup on my new, huge external disc and deleted Picasa with no ill effects.

I have found two files in Google+ with a total of 1107 photos relating to my blog. I reckon these are the ones which have been blanked out on my blog.

I have no idea if it would be possible to reinstate them, and I do not understand how all the various privacy settings work, and fear that if I meddle I might miss a slim opportunity to get my photos back.

What I need is somebody who knows Google+ like a London cabby knows The Knowledge, and I would be prepared to pay such a person good money if the objective was achieved. Anybody got any ideas?

I will be speaking to my computer man tomorrow and I hope he may be able to help, but I believe this needs somebody with very specific knowledge.

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gimmer said...

have you tried googling for such a person (sorry, poor taste - not a joke) ?
i think I agree with you that that is the best course - these things get so intertwined with ones hard drives that it is a real effort to purge them without 'expert' help - I read a few blogs on Picasa and there seem to be so many tripwires in the way that I am glad I use Flickr (or at least I am at the moment - it may, of course, have elephant traps of its own.
it all stems from these bodies trying to make money on the back of an originally free or low cost service that they bought for stupid money and now need to satisfy those who were, in their turn, stupid enough to bankroll them.