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Monday, 10 June 2013

Monday - from the train.

I'm on the way home. Had enough for various reasons, but all ok in general. Will post more detail from home and update replies to various comments.

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Phreerunner said...

Fair enough - it wasn't the most scenic of routes!
Enjoy Arnside!

Anonymous said...

ditto - but sorry to hear it
I guess the Suffolk bit was OK but always had me doots about the Essex littoral and Thames estuary sections: maybe you should start in Canterbury and go west - a sort of tales of Yrubretnac rather than Dickensian miasmas.
But at least you have given the knee a decent work-out and know better how it will perform on more demanding terrain - not that level walking does not have its own challenges - lack of variation of rhythm and uphill/downhill reliefs perhaps. Imagine 20 miles across London compared with miles of mountain tracks - one would be crippled and stiff for days!

Roderick Robinson said...

I am sorry that urban vistas (inter alia, I suppose) got you down. I took heart earlier when you said you were - it seemed - junking the schedule and merely wandering. But then I'm a slave to routine myself and perhaps that indicated what has now come about. Starting a new novel down here in the Languedoc isn't quite as adventurous.

Sir Hugh said...

Phreerunner and Gimmer - Thanks for your comment. More rationale behind the decision is now in my latest post.

RR- How are you communicating from France? Don't tell me you have borrowed somebody's iPhone?

I would be interested to hear some broad outline about the new opus (email perhaps).

Roderick Robinson said...

Only gullible people use (or more particularly: pay for) Iphones. See my comment to Natalie, June 12, Tone Deaf for explanation of technology.

Novel. See Tone Deaf posts, June 10, May 6 - the latter you commented on, but misguidedly.