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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Northwich to Frodsham

Breakfast-in-a- box this morning left outside my door you can order this for any time you want 24/7. Travel Lodge are very good except they don't do evening meals.

I was off for 7:15. Good walking got me to Anderton by 8:30. The cafe near the famous Anderton Lift was not open until 9:00. Shortly after that I turned off the Cheshire Ring route to pick up the River Weaver to take me to Frodshsm from where I intend to follow The Sandstone Trail to Whitchurch.

Some of the Weaver was on established cycle path but a lot of it was on badly overgrown riverbank paths and hard going.

Frodsham has no accommodation and the best I could so after racking the brains of some people in. pub was to walk 3km south east of Frodsham to Lady Heyes camp site which means I will have to walk back to F in the morning. I will also have to walk a km of so to the pub up the road for my meal tonight

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