Friday, 21 June 2013

Off again

I am on the train again.

Destination, Marple, (south east of Manchester)

Objective: walking the Cheshire Ring Canal Walk.

I have cut kit down to the minimum. I have the tent but have kicked out cooking gear. My pack is ten pounds lighter than it was on the Suffolk coast trip.

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John said...

Hi Conrad,
If you don't object to a bit of company let me know your schedule (including which way around you're doing the ring!) and I'll try to catch you for a day.

Sir Hugh said...

Hi John. Send me your email address and I will send youy mobile no. Heading for Sutton 20k
South of Marple to camp tonight. Continue tomorrow anti clockwise.

The Crow said...

Again, bon voyage!

John said...

johnjocys at hotmail dot com



welshpaddler said...

No stove? New diet? or Michelin starred restaurants en route?